Kushmuck 4X Park

File Size281.72 MB
Create Date25 March 2020

A Map i Transfered from another Game, Needs some Tweaking to Work Properly But Still Fun with some Speed Managment .

There is:-

- A Wide 4X Style Track
(works a bit, no need to pedal or pump after first jump and try to flow across the jumps)

- A Short Trail with some Bigger Jumps
(works if you melt your foot into a stump trying to do dems braking, difficult to judge speed)

- A Trail with a Single BigBig Jump
(difficult but works, another shoe melter, start braking as soon as you land step down from bridge and dont pump takeoff)

(doable but super difficult, doesnt really have a place in this game, i will probably remove and add another jump line)   **challenge to complete it before its gone**

(a bit sketchy, most of it needs scaling down/altering and the planks on some of the ramps ruin them. but you can get a flow going on the big halfpipe with spine)

- Two Small Dirt Jump Areas
(these dont really work at all, need scaling down, repositioning or remodelling... Probs all three, they suck)

- Secrets, ssshhhh
(theres a bunch of hidden trails and off track trails with some big jumps, they will be impossible probs, if you find them... theres a bunch of random models/easter eggs Hidden about for you to find, 8 maybe i think possibly)

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